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Pilgrimage - Nov. 2007

to the Bahá'í World Centre

by Bryn and Sherna Deamer

Photos of our Pilgrimage to the Bahá'í World Centre in Haifa Israel
Enroute to Haifa, we also visited Petra in Jordan, and Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria in Egypt.
Bahji by NightOct./ Nov. 2007

See also: [Bahji], [People] and General shots of Haifa.

One wonderful change at the World Centre, is that the Shrine, the Mansion and the old Pilgrim house with the room of 'Abdu'l-Bahá are open every Saturday from 1 pm to 8 pm for all staff, Pilgrims and visitors. Anybody can go into the mansion during those hours, visit and pray in the room of Bahá'u'lláh, and spend as much time as one wants looking at all the wondeful old photographs in all the rooms.

During our visit the sun was setting at about 5pm so by 6pm it was completely dark, so it was very reminiscent of being at the Shrine and the Mansion during the commemorations of the Ascencion of Bahá'u'lláh.

We started out visit by going on top of the Gate House at the north entrance where I took this telephoto shot of the Shrine.

Walking back down from the top, one gets a view of the fountain inside the Gate-house through an arch.

Another view of the Gate-house fountain a the very start of the long white path to the Holy of Holies.

While walking up the path, this view of the Visitors Reception Centre all lit up accross the field is presented.

Then you pass through the Collin's gate and into the Harami-Aqdas. This photo is taken slightly to the West of the main path. The biggest difference is that the row of huge Norfolk pines have been cut down, and new small ones replanted. Thus the Mansion is completely visible from the Harami-Aqdas.

Just as the removal of the trees has made the Mansion visible from the Harami-Aqdas, so the reverse is true - from the balcony of the Mansion there is now a clear view of the Shrine and the Harami-Aqdas.

A telephoto shot of the Entrance of the Shrine. Of course the glass artirium (?) of the Shrine was also beautifully lit up, but I didn't want to take a photo that would actually see inside the windows... so we'll just have to imagine it.

The Cactus garden has not changed as far as we can see, and over the years we have many of these photos - but one can never resist taking yet another one.

From the balcony of the Mansion outside the room of Bahá'u'lláh, a long telephoto shot can catch the Shrine and Terraces on Mount Carmel. Thankfuly the large building, that have arisen have not yet blocked that view totally.

Since we rented a car, we took the opportunity to detour out to the beach between Haifa an Akko - at one of the "Kirats", which always provided a beautiful view of the Shrine and Terraces, both at night, (and in the early morning on the way back from Dawn Prayers at Bahji every month..)

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