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General photos of Haifa and the Galilee - Nov.2007

by Bryn and Sherna Deamer

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Having lived in Haifa for close to 20 years, we were fascinated to see what changes had taken place. Most noticeable is the commencement of a bus lane down the middle of the main road in the Port area, the construction of some sort of Tramway in the Hadar, the building of a vehicular tunnel through Mt Carmel starting at "checkpost" and exiting at Carmel beach next to the tennis and sports clubs, the completion of a delightful park at "fisherman's wharf" on the mighty Kishon river, Hwy 6 to Tel-Aviv, new facilities at the Mount of Beatitudes and a new "Pluralistic Spiritual Center" at Neve Shalom /Wahat al-Salam.

We did not get to take photos of all those places, but did visit the Kishon Park, snapped some shots of the tunnel and stayed the night at the Mount of Beatitudes Hostel on the Northern end of the Kinneret Lake (AKA Sea of Galilee), and managed to drop into Neve Shalom /Wahat al-Salam for 20 minutes.
Fisherman's wharf, Haifa -

(For those who have been to San Francisco recently let me assure you that there was not a Sea lion in sight at Haifa's Fisherman's wharf!

Most of the 19 years we lived in Haifa, the Kishon River, was a disgusting, smelly sewer used as a convenient dumping ground by all the Petro-chemical industries. As we were leaving we had seen the river clean up, and had heard of plans to create the Kishon Park. So it was wonderful to see that brought to fruition. One day we took sandwiches with us and stopped there on the way to Bahji
Another major project talked about for decades was the idea of building a traffic tunnerl through Mt. Carmel so that traffic from the Kryot and the industry area did not have to go through downtown Haifa to get to the freeway to Tel-Aviv. After all those years of talk it was amazing to see it actually started. One entrance is at "Checkpost", another is at Carmel Beach but in the middle the road will appear briefly next to the "Grand Canyon" Mall, no doubt with exits to the Mall and the Ahuza area. This photo is of that entrance.

This should be a wonderful bit of engineering when it is finished. See: JPost article
On the Wednesday after the last night of Pilgrimage we stayed at Bahji until sunset then headed east to the Hostel at the Mount of Beatitude - our favourite Christian Holy Place. The website linked to here has some beautiful pictures - I just took photos of parts of that were new to us. The Hostel is being expanded by 70 rooms!, and they have a new entrance and expanded gift shop. All very nicely done.

The food was as basic as ever! but we weren't there for the culinary delights.

It was a wonderful feeling to be driving along the roads, and remembering places and events along each part of the way that recalled the tapestry of our lives in Israel.

Above: The East shore of the Sea of Galilee with Capernaum in the forground and the Golan Heights at the back
Below:The new entrance to the grounds from the East.
Above: The West shore with the Horns of Hittim and the city of Tiberias in the background.
Below: The new gift shop and snack bar at the Mount of Beatitudes.
Left: the new Hostel/Hotel going up in the background. They said they limited it to only 2 floors high so that they did not block the view from the old Hostel behind it. The taller painted section above the bus is the new quarters for the nuns.
After leaving the Mount of Beatitudes, we drove down the east side of lake Kinneret, then on down the Jordan valley to Beit Shean, then in towards Tel Megiddo to connect with the new tollway, Highway 6. That's quite an engineering feat. It was only being talked of when we left in 2002, and here it was with a major part of it finished already.

It was such a fast drive, that were in danger of getting to the airport too early, so we headed up the Jerusalem to visit our favourite town of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al'Salam - the V
illage of Peace (nestled on the hill, left). Their "Dome of Silence" needed to be painted, but they have a lovely new Pluralstic Spiritual centre in honor of the man who gave the first two young men the idea of setting up the joint Arab/Jewish village.

From there, we headed to the airport and back to San Francisco.

The End

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