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Egypt - The Sinai Peninsular - Nuweiba

Oct. 2007

Enroute to the Bahá'í World Centre

by Bryn and Sherna Deamer

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Arrivning at Nuweiba on the "Speedy Ferry" the Queen Nerfereti we were met at the Nuweiba Ferry Terminal by a car and driver from the Swiss-Care Nuweiba Resort Hotel, driven there, checked and headed for the beach. Bonnie rented some snorkling gear and goggles. A long shallow warm, lagoon separated us from the reef. Lots of fish but not a lot of Coral.

Other critters used the beach as the local throughfare. Don't see those on Stinson beach! It was glorius to be back in a place where you could swim without a 5mm wet suit. The full moon rose out of the haze while Sherna and Bonnie were just hanging out in the water, and our Ferry passed by heading bak to Aqaba.

If Salt water swimming and snorkling is not our favourite thing, the hotel has a wonderful Clover-leaf shaped Swimming pool. As can be seen here and above, there was no wind as the sun set.

It was a different story the next when a brisk breeze picked up causing white caps on the Red Sea, and ripples on the Pool. Too windy to serve breakfast by the pool unfortnately so we had it in the dining room

Sherna and Bonnie went back for a last Snorkle session despite the choppy conditions, and enjoyed themselves. I opted to walk out a little way into what turned out to be an agricultural area that seemed to have seen better days.

Taking our leave of our lovely hotel, we headed of for Cairo by way of St. Katherine's (Catherine's) Monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai.

>>> Sinai p.2 (St. Katrina Monastery)

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