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Meg Deamer Academy

The Meg Deamer Academy is a private school located in Eldoret, Kenya, providing elementary education to students who would not otherwise attend school. The curriculum focuses on beginning academics and character development. The vision of the school is to bring up children who will benefit society in the future as part of a community building process.

It was founded in January 2007 by Barnabas and Florence Bett with minimal personal financial assistance from members of the Deamer/Hough family - and was thus named in honor of Meg Deamer, who passed away in Oct. 2006 in Port Vila Vanuatu
shortly before the school was founded

Meg's Graduation Photo - C 1944
Meg Deamer C.1945 graduation.

May 2016: Getting ready for a new go-fund me campaign.

On 17 March, 2016, Barnabas wrote:

"Sometimes ago the school inspection was done and they made some recommendations which I wish to share with you. They are:The Kitchen should be improved and the floor cemented., Pay annual county fee of ksh 13,000/=, Have a staff room for teachers, provided relevant textbooks, Provide enough chairs and desks for students, connect electricity- this we have done when we paid ksh 15,000/=. What is left is to do electric wiring, put socket and bulbs. That each class should have a book shelf. On the games facilities, they recommended, swing for lower classes, slides, used car tires, and ball games. We currently have seven teachers and 91 students. There is also need to have to more classrooms for standard 7 and 8. Thanks the list is quite long"

It is estimated that about $11,000 would be needed to bring the school up to compliance with the inspector's immediat recommendation.

Unit cost
Electrical outlet
$     3.00
$    72.00
Shelving units
$   29.00
$  174.00
$    24.00
$    25.00
Children's Swing
$  250.00
$  250.00
Class Room

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