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Jim Pfieffer's Memorial - 4 February 2006, page 2.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Marin City
Sausalito Cruising Club, Sausalito.

Above: The choir director
Right: flowers in front of the alter
Alden, Ben and Nicole Hough, Dana and Alice Clark
Bill and Bonnie Hough and Tony Fernandez - long time friend of Jim's
David Bess, Bryn and Sherna Deamer
Brian and Judy Hough
Margaret Hough, Jim's mother-in-law, and mother of Sam, Bill, Sherna, Brian and Bonnie Hough.
Allen and Tracy - Allen asked Jim to be Tracy' God-father which was one of the few time Jim was known to be speachless. But then was a devoted God-father.
Alden Hough - nephew to Jim and Bonnie
(son of Bill and Lali)
Travis Hough - nephew to Jim and Bonnie (son of Brian and Judy)
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