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Sherna and Bryn Deamer's weblog  2015/16/17

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May 2017: 
As is our custom, we combined the Convention with a bit of personal touring. After the closing of the convention we flew to Denver, picked up a rental car and took of to Cheyanne Wyoming, staying the night in a the personal home booked through AirBNB. The young couple had interesting parralless to us - the wife being in the Medical Field, and the husband a lawyer - interested in Justice, so was intrigued to hear about Sherna's work for the Superior Court of California.

(I will be practicing on Kompozer, creating a web page of the trip: 2017 - South Dakota lets see if it works!)

April 2017:
Sherna was elected delegate for the Northern Coastal Elctoral Unit of the Bahá'í Community for the 4th time in a row. A great privilege and bounty (for us both as I get to go with her - althoug next year I'm going to let another community go with her to experience the convention).

Sherna at podium

Sherna at the Podium
Sherna Voting

Sherna voting

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March 2015: 
Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu, Devestating Tanna.  But in a fantastic show of Reliance and Resiliance the community bounced back.  Using Kompozer I managed to put together a web page of stories and notifications from our family and friends in Vanuatu.

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