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Until such time as the affordable technology comes into being that would allow us to own an electric car, charged by solar powered panels at home and at work, we stick to our lovely old 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo, running on Biodiesel (see above).

Even though it can cost more than diesel, we love being able to go for long, comfortable, country drives around West Marin without leaving a trail of poisionous fumes, and destroying our planet's future. It's not perfect by any means, and if I really wanted to be a true eco-activist I would swear off cars entirely - but I love the mobility - the escape to beautiful places. So we compromise - knowing that really the world needs so much more from us.


Producers and retailers around Marin and the Bay area:

Pump in San Anselmo

Biofuel Oasis, has taken over operation of the LC Biofuels pump in San Anselmo. Go to
to sign up for a card

Biofuel Oasis
Biodiesel co-operative in Berkley

Bay Biodiesel, LLC
Biodiesel Producers/retailers

UK site with a wide variety of information:

Motoring on a budget - Eco Options..

Random album:

Serendipidous Biodiesel Parade
4 July 2008- Suasalito
Planned Biodiesel Parade
4 July 2009 - Sausalito

General sources of information about Biodiesel: National Biodiesel Board Site (US)

Journey to Forever Educational site onall thing BIO

Research in Algae based fuels:

From North Bay Biz Journal, (Feb. 2009)

Live Fuels Inc., Menlo Park

Aurora Biodiesel, Alameda

Aurora utilizes microalgae to generate bio-oil,
which can be converted into biodiesel.


A synthetic biology company that unleashes the power of marine microbes...

Mechanics and other helpful people.

Our favourite MB mechanic - A young husband and wife team of Denise and Darren Collie in the Canal area of San Rafael:

Collie Autoworks
585 Irwin Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone 415-721-7915
Fax 415-721-7924
Email info @

Mercedes parts on the web:

Mercedes Source . com

Parts Geeks: Biodiesel Resource page

Biofuels of Marin - The website dedicated to helping Marin (and the World) move forward to a greener future